Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween has come and gone and we're slowly creeping our way to Thanksgiving.  My little guy didn't want to dress up this year so my mom and I decided to get him a new garbage truck to play with instead of candy.  I think he was happy ;)

I had so much fun this year creating Halloween nails!  I posted a few prior to Halloween then saved the rest for after.

This set is done with colored acrylic and craft paint.  I hand painted the spiderwebs, witch hats, and witch legs.

I loved this purple glitter!!  I faded the glitter into black acrylic then drew on the tombstones and fence.

This is a black acrylic with 3D eyeballs.

This set was inspired by a set of nails my client found on Pinterest.  

My client was headed to the Stanley Hotel for a Halloween night stay and needed some spooky nails.  I sculpted the stilettos with clear acrylic and added pieces of mylar inside.  I sculpted the red blood with red color drops and added my fingerprints in white for added fun.  Loved the way they turned out!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Harry Potter Lives

My long time client is headed to the opening of the new Harry Potter land at Universal Studios and wanted some fun nails for her trip.  I've never seen any of the Harry Potter movies or even read the books, so I had to consult Google for Harry Potter images to get an idea of what to do.  I drew out these nails on paper then put them on her nails a few weeks later. I thought they turned out so cute!!
Harry Potter nails
The nails were done using colored acrylic and the painting was done using craft paint.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Breast Cancer Awareness

Not only do I look forward to doing Halloween nails in October, but I can also have fun doing Breast Cancer Awareness nails.  I did a cute set for this client last year with pink ghosts to "save the boobies" and this year we wanted something a little more wild.  She saw a photo on Pinterest and wanted me to copy parts of it.  Here's what she got!!

Breast Cancer Awareness boobie nails
These were done with hot pink acrylic and 3D sculpted acrylic boobs.  They make me laugh every time I look at them!!

A Little Early Halloween

Because Halloween is right around the corner, and because I can't wait any longer, I just HAVE to post some of the early Halloween nails I've done so far!!

Halloween witch nails
Totally love this set!!  I used all acrylic for the background then drew the witch's legs with acrylic paint.  Seriously, so cute!!

Halloween nails
Here is a set of Halloween nails I did using a few non-traditional Halloween colors.  The Bride's face is a glow in the dark green acrylic.  I sculpted her cute pink bow and added a hot pink spider sitting in a web.

Halloween nails
 Here is a cute set I did using black acrylic and some glow in the dark acrylic colors.  The eyes and ghosts are 3D!

Halloween spider nails
My client found a set like this on Pinterest and I decided to change it up a little.  I used a purple glitter acrylic and cut her nails to an angle.  I hand painted the spider lines and sculpted a 3D neon green glow in the dark spider.  The ring fingers are even shaped like spider webs!!

Halloween nails
This is another view of the previous set.  I just loved how they turned out!!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Falling In Love With Fall

Fall is finally here!!  Time for changing leaves and cooler temperatures.  I enjoy seeing all the reds, oranges, and yellows and especially the browns!  Here are a few of the fall nails I've done so far.

fall sunflower nails
Here is a glitter gold fade with 3D sculpted acrylic sunflowers.

fall apple nails
My client came back for her two week fill and decided to keep the glitter gold fade but wanted to remove the sunflowers and replace them with cute apples and barrels.  I sculpted the apples and barrels using acrylic.

camo nails
This client was getting ready to go hunting and wanted something camo.  I used a glitter gold, lime green, dark green, yellow, and brown then mixed them in various patterns on her nails.  I added a few pieces of dried leaves and grass to give a little extra dimension.  I had some Browning vinyl decals and added those for a more authentic camo look.

It's Just Beachy!

Even though it's officially the end of summer, I had to do one last set of summer nails!  My wonderful friend Melinda was awesome enough to let me put this crazy set of summer nails on her as a final kickoff to summer!  On a Monday afternoon, I sat down with my sketch pad and a few colored pencils and sketched out this set of nails.  I knew I wanted a cute crab and a beach umbrella and pair of flip flops; the hard part was making my drawing come to life with acrylic.  After the set of nails I did last October for Breast Cancer Awareness, I thought a cute bikini would definitely compliment these nails.  
beach nails
3D acrylic crabs, flip flops, and boobs made these summer nails PERFECT!  I hand painted the sunglasses and a couple swirly suns.

I loved the idea of a cute beach umbrella and beach ball.  The designs are 3D done with acrylic.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Happy (Late) Fourth of July!!

Things got a little crazy this summer and a lot of my nail art didn't get posted like I had hoped it would. Now that it's fall and things have slowed down a little, I'll be able to get some of the wicked summer nail art up on the blog.

Who doesn't love all the red, white, and blue that you see throughout the summer month of July?  From flags, to decorations, to food, to nails it's red, white, and blue everywhere!!  I usually head down to the City Park for the festivities then watch fireworks at night.  This year I ended up with a terrible cold so I didn't end up doing much on the day of the fourth.  However, I was able to crank out some awesome patriotic nails prior!

This set of nails was inspired by a photo from Pinterest.  I used colors from Glitter Haven and a few from my local craft store.

I had an idea for a really cute patriotic set of nails so I decided to sketch them out on paper.  This was my design.  I used colors from Glitter Haven then added plastic stars from the craft store.  I topped the nails with a 3D heart made from glitter acrylic.

This client loves her faded nails!!  For this design I used a few of the rainbow colored acrylics from Young Nails and marbled the tips of the nails.  I then used a silver glitter to fade out the color on to the nail bed.

My client's birthday is the Fourth of July so she ALWAYS gets crazy nails in July.  I wanted to try something different so I sculpted out clear acrylic nails then pressed in netting for a snakeskin look.  I filled the designs with glitter red, silver, and blue.  There are a few iridescent stars inside too!

I LOVE this patriotic set of nails!!  I used colors from Glitter Haven and encapsulated white swirls and iridescent stars.  They were so incredible in person!!


Lately I have really loved the sunflower designs I've been seeing on nails.  I decided to sit down and sketch out a summer/fall sunflower set of nails that I was lucky enough to put on my wonderful sister.  She really likes teal so we incorporated the teal with some black and added 3D sunflowers.  I really loved the way they turned out!!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring Bling

Spring is finally here!  Let's celebrate with some blinged out nail art!

hot pink and lime green nails
Hot pink and lime green acrylic with swarovski crystals.

spring nails
Love this new chunky glitter!!  I did it over a clear sculpted tip.

spring marble nails

spring flower nail art
Spring flowers and swarovski crystals for her trip to Florida.

chunky glitter nails
I love chunky glitters!

foil nails
Hot pink and purple foil over black acrylic.

matte black with glossy glitter nail art
Matte black with glossy glitter

hot pink color change stilettos
Hot pink color change acrylic with chunky dots

spring teal coffin nails
Teal and chunky glitter coffin nails

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Crayola Fun

I like thinking about new ways to improve nail art.  While at Walmart the other day, I thought how cool it would be if I put crayon shavings into the acrylic.  I bought a pack of Crayola Crayons and a small pencil sharpener and waited for the right client to agree to my idea.  Friday I finally found someone!  My dear client Amber is always willing to try something new.  I proposed my idea to her and she was excited to try it out!!  I shaved a purple, orange, blue, and green crayon and sprinkled the shavings on top of silver acrylic. I found a chunky acrylic with neon moons and stars that I thought would go perfectly. After filling, filing, and a clear topcoat of gel, they were DONE and looked FANTASTIC!
crayon nail art

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a great Easter!  I was looking forward to celebrating Easter weekend with a little Spring planting.  Instead, I watched snow fall from the inside of the house.  At least things will be green I guess!  I missed Easter posts prior, so here are the cute Easter/Spring nails I've done this year and even a few cute ones from years past.

easter egg nail art
This set of nails was from 2015.  They are glitter acrylic mixes with painted designs to look like Easter Eggs.

Peeps and polka dot Easter nails
This client of mine ALWAYS gets polka dots for Easter.  Last year, I decided to add some Peeps to her nails for a little extra Easter fun!  They turned out so cute!

Spring flower nails
Here's a Spring set of nails from 2015.  They are a glitter mix fade with 3D pastel flowers.  

sheep, rabbits, and Peep Easter nails
Here's another Easter set from 2015.  I sketched these out on paper and was so excited to see them come to life on her nails!!  I sculpted the sheep, rabbits, and Peeps from acrylic and drew on the smaller details. 

Easter bunny nails
This client has the most PERFECT natural nails.  This was a set I did this year using Gelish polish and painting the chevron and bunny,  Too cute!

spring flower nails
This set of nails was inspired by a photo online.  The designs were painted with gel with the flowers were sculpted with acrylic.  Perfect for Spring!

orange and hot pink spring nails
These nails were from 2016 and were done using acrylic from Glam and Glits.  Too bad the middle fingers photographed as the same color as the bright tangerine color.  In person, it was actually a hot pink,  I faded a little glitter from Magnetic for added flair.

teal and black chevron swarovski nail art
This client was starting school to become an esthetician and could only wear her nails until school started.  This was the last set she got to wear before taking them off.  I used a teal color "Obsessive Compulsive" from Glam and Glits. 

Peep nails
And more Peeps!!  These nails were done using the pastel colors from Young Nails.  I sculpted the 3D Peeps using acrylic from Glam and Glits.

Easter nails
This set of nails was from 2015.  I used Gelish over her natural nails then painted the designs.  The ring fingers were done using sharpie.

bunny butt nails
This set of nails was from 2015.  She wanted a green glitter fade and a few bunny butts. Too cute!

Spring duck nails
Another cute Spring set of nails with a few 3D ducks.  

Spring flower nails
Loved these green glitter nails with 3D neon flowers.

pastel nails
These nails were from 2015 and were done using the pastel colors from Young Nails.

Spring flower nails
A super cute Spring set of nails in white and black with painted flowers.