Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentine Nails

Hot pink glitter with fimo roses

Red, pink, and frosty glitter with impressions

Red and pink polka dots with acrylic bows

 Inspired by a set I found during a Google Search

Red acrylic with plastic hearts and dots

 Pink acrylic made from MAC Pigment with black hearts and 3D acrylic hearts

 Red acrylic with swirls and black acrylic with xo's

Pink gel with black gel hearts and dots

 Teal and hot pink with zebra stripes

 Black acrylic with painted hearts and dots

Black acrylic with painted hearts and xo's

 Red hearts framed with black acrylic and glitter

White sculpted acrylic hearts surrounded by red and pink acrylic with 3D hearts

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sassy Red and Black

Here's my latest set of nails done in red, black, and white.  The red is glitter from Young Nails in Royal Red and the black and white are from Magnetic Nail Design in Festive Black and Royal Wedding.

red and black nails

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Zebra Nails

Here's a recent set of zebra nails followed by a few classics!!

Hot pink and white acrylic from Magnetic Nail Design with zebra stripes

Red glitter acrylic from Young Nails with zebra stripes

Bubblegum acrylic from EZ Flow, white from Young Nails, and silver glitter with zebra stripes.

Hot pink from Magnetic Nail Design with zebra stripes

Neon acrylic from EZ Flow with a zebra accent

Inspired by a photo online.  White and silver acrylic with zebra stripes

Pink to black glitter fade with zebra stripes

Hot pink, silver, and black with zebra stripes

Hot pink pigment from MAC Cosmetics mixed with clear acrylic and silver glitter, holographic discs, and zebra stripes