Monday, September 26, 2016

It's Just Beachy!

Even though it's officially the end of summer, I had to do one last set of summer nails!  My wonderful friend Melinda was awesome enough to let me put this crazy set of summer nails on her as a final kickoff to summer!  On a Monday afternoon, I sat down with my sketch pad and a few colored pencils and sketched out this set of nails.  I knew I wanted a cute crab and a beach umbrella and pair of flip flops; the hard part was making my drawing come to life with acrylic.  After the set of nails I did last October for Breast Cancer Awareness, I thought a cute bikini would definitely compliment these nails.  
beach nails
3D acrylic crabs, flip flops, and boobs made these summer nails PERFECT!  I hand painted the sunglasses and a couple swirly suns.

I loved the idea of a cute beach umbrella and beach ball.  The designs are 3D done with acrylic.

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