Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bling Bling

I've been really into chunky glitter lately and when my client said she wanted something sparkly yet simple, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.
silver bling nails
I used a chunky glitter from Magnetic Nail Designs and placed silver disc throughout.  I encased in clear acrylic and topped with a gel topcoat.

Happy New Year!

We have officially started 2016! Hopefully everyone had a great New Year!  I made chili verde and cheesecake and had a quiet night home with the family.  I only worked one day last week because of the holiday but I was able to do some really cute nails.  Here's to a fantastic 2016 and an intro with some super cute nails!

glitter and foil nails
My client wanted something glittery so I came up with this design.  I used foil then added glitter and encased with clear acrylic.  The black swirls were painted later using acrylic paint.

Red and silver glitter nails
My client found a similar photo online and wanted a recreation.  I used a red metallic gel polish from Gelish then dusted glitter and iridescent pigment from MAC Cosmetics.  The white and blue dots are painted using acrylic paint.  

Valentine nails with hearts
My client wanted to know if it was too soon for Valentine nails.  Is it really ever too early for pink and hearts?  This is Gelish over her natural nails with painted hearts and dots.