Sunday, January 30, 2011

Having Fun

We did green and gold for the Green Bay Packers!! To add a little more fun we put in pieces of mylar!!

Ashley's daughter loved Ashley's nails so much she wanted a set of gel for herself. Here's some gold and green glitter done with gel.

This is a set of black acrylic with purple glitter. We inserted some mylar for the extra color.

Simple set of gel nails. We mixed a rose glitter, big chunks of sparkle, and some pearls.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Fade

One of my favorite clients is Marci. She loves the dark colors and likes to have a little bling here and there. I was thinking what would work great for Marci and I decided she was a Black Cherry kind of girl. I wasn't sure she was totally sold on the color, but she seemed to like the after product.

I laid out the dark color and faded in a rose glitter. Not too shabby!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

My First Post

So I've decided to start a blog showing off some of my starter nail designs!! I started my training in June 2010 and I've made some great progress!! My plan is to start posting more pictures of the work I've done!!
Here is one of the first sets I did. We laid out black and silver marble and did circle impressions.

This is the first set I put on myself. It was pretty tricky to try to do my own nails but they came out nice. I did black and hot pink marble.

Here's some Christmas spirit!! This was my first set of candy canes. Turned out okay!!

We wanted a little something exciting after the candy canes. We layed out black acrylic with mirrors and did snakeskin in pink and purple.

This was my third attempt at doing my own nails. I did them right before New Years and wanted something a little flashy. I'm getting TONS better!!!

My client wanted something different than the set we put on but there wasn't enough time for a back fill. I took the electric file and cut out random patters and filled them with hot pink. The final product was purple and black glitter with mirrors and the pink overlay.