Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some New Stuff

Here are some nails I did recently for New Years and also a few that didn't get posted throughout last year!
Enjoy and here's to 2013!!

Hot pink acrylic from Magnetic Nail Design and black MAC pigment.  I hand drew zebra stripes and added Swarovski crystals on the ring fingers.

Custom mixed teal gel with gold swirls.

Red glitter fade with painted Santa belt

Blue acrylic from Magnetic Nail Design with gel mixed with MAC pigment for the swirls.

Winter polka dots

White and silver glitter

Red glitter acrylic mix with hand painted zebra stripes

Neon polka dots

Neon pink and blue with painted lines and 3D flowers

baseball nails
Purple and black glitter acrylic with 3D baseballs

Mickey Mouse nails
Mickey Mouse!!  3D Mickey gloves and Mickey Mouse ear balloons!

summer picnic nails
Summer picnic theme nails with 3D four wheelers, picnic ants, and popcicles.

baby girl nails
It's a girl!!  Baby shower nails I did for my client.  3D acrylic ducks, baby rattles, and baby footprints.

The Rest of the Christmas Nails

The tree has been taken down and all our Christmas decor has been put away until next year.  We're ready to ring in 2013!!  Before we do, let's look back at this year's Christmas nails!!

 This set was done using a combination of glitter from Sparkles Nail Products.  Love the way they turned out!

 Polka dots and candy canes with 3D bows!!  Love it!

 That's a 3D Rudolph on the ring fingers.  The red glitter is from Young Nails.

 Gelish in Holiday Party Blues with painted snowflakes.

 Red and silver glitter fade with Santa hats and candy canes.  The fimo canes were from Beauty Tech Shoppe online.

 Silver and gold swirls with fimo peppermints.

 More candy canes and polka dots.  Super cute!!

 Blue and silver glitter fade with blue seashells.  The ring fingers have hand painted gingerbread men.

 Red and green swirls with a few pieces of chunky glitter from Sparkles Nails Products.

 Custom mixed red glitter with fimo Christmas lights.  Adorable!

 The green glitter was from Magnetic Nail Design and the snowflakes were hand painted with paint.  3D snowmen on the ring fingers made this set awesome!

 A silver and gold fade with fimo peppermint swirls.

 Total Christmas!!  Hand painted penguins, 3D snowmen, and 3D gingerbread men.  Too cute!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner, it's time to rock a little red and green!  Here are a few designs I've done in the last couple weeks.

 Red and silver with a few plastic dots for added fun.

We're feeling a little Grinchy!!!  Green acrylic with 3D acrylic Grinchs.

My client wanted something new so we did a full fade with red and added a silver smile line.  Very clean

This client LOVES Rudolph!!  We did a red and silver fade with 3D acrylic Rudolphs.

 Very simple red, white, and green.  Love it!

My client felt inspired by a blanket she had at home.  We created the polka dots using MAC Pigment mixed with acrylic.  The red is also a custom mixed MAC Pigment color and the snowflakes are hand painted.

 This was a custom mixed glitter.  I kept throwing in random chunky glitters from Sparkles Nail Products until we had a perfect color!!

 Red and green acrylic with fimo peppermints.  These colors sure pop up close!!

When you have numerous fimo pieces and can't decide what you want, you just add all of them!!  This was a custom mixed red acrylic with fimo gingerbread, snowmen, and snowflakes.

Candy canes!!  Love the contrast between the red and the white!

 My client wanted something for winter and not just Christmas.  We did a blue to silver glitter fade then drew on snowflakes.

This client brought in a picture she found online so we recreated it using acrylic!  The tree and dots are painted and the ornaments are rhinestones.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

365 Days of Nail Art

Since I started doing nails back in 2010, I've dreamed of appearing in Nails Magazine.  Back in January when I saw the blog titled "365 Days of Nail Art" I had a new aspiration.  Luckily enough. I've been featured a few times in the blog.  I was completely ecstatic!!  Here are the links and dates where my art appeared.

Day 67 Abstract Glitter Nail Art

Day 102 Fimo Fruit French Nail Art

Day 188 Mickey and Minnie Nail Art

Day 222 Cupcake Couture NailArt

Day 250 3D Picnic Nail Art

Day 305 Happy Halloween Nail Art

Day 327 Thanksgiving Nail Art Again

One of the best days this year was when I received a call from NailPro Magazine saying I was being featured in their Reader's Art section and that I would be getting a plaque in the mail!!  Now I want to try my hardest to get another plaque!!

I'm still hoping that one day I'll be good enough to make a cover issue.  Thanks to all my fans for your support and here's hoping for a cover shot!!

Something from November

It's been a busy month but here are a few photos to show what I've been up to.

 This was done using a mix of Young Nails ManiQ clear and MAC Pigment.  I mixed a yellow pigment with some clear gel and polished the nails.  I then pressed in gold glitter and covered in topcoat then cured in the LED light.  Polish the nails with a dark brown coat and randomly drop dots of clear gel into the brown and cure.  Very cool!!

 Brown glitter fade with brown hexagons.

hot pink zebra nails
 Hot pink base created with MAC Pigment.  I faded a silver glitter over top and encased holographic discs.  The zebra stripes were hand painted at the end.

 I created this look using a custom mix of red and gold glitter then faded a gold from Magnetic over the top.

 The first set of Christmas nails so far!!!  I marbled a white base with alternating red and green glitters.

 Here's a custom mixed lime green glitter with a different shade of green from Magnetic splattered throughout.  I encased green seashells for added effect.

 Here's another custom mix of glitters.  This mix had dark brown glitter, brown slivers, light gold glitter, and a clear iridescent glitter.  We added a purple ribbon on the ring fingers to support Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month in November.

 This was a black and silver glitter mix with a green glitter pattern.  I think the green glitter came from a local craft store.

 Happy Thanksgiving!!  These turkeys were all done using MAC Pigment!!

Movember!!  Green and yellow glitter fade with mustache tattoos!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Little Catch Up

Wow!! I hadn't realized how long it's been since I updated my blog. Let's see if we can get all the photos from the Summer, Fall, and Halloween updated today!

 These were done for her baby shower and maternity pictures.  The rubber ducks, rattle, and foot prints are all 3D acrylic and the pinky has "It's a girl" written with paint.

 A set of gel polish nails with glitter and painted stripes.

 This was a summer fiesta!  Watermelons on the pinkies and 3D 4wheelers, picnic ants, and popcicles.

 Neons with wite tips.

 Go Utes!!  My client loves the Utah Utes and wanted something to support the team.  The U is done with red  glitter acrylic.

 Silver glitter fade with pink and purple foil.

 Viva Las Vegas!

 All done with acrylic.  She wanted something to support her boys who play football for Grantsville.  There is a football helmet, football field, a ball, and the Grantsville G.

 Galaxy nails!  Probably one of my most favorite sets.  The planet glows in the dark too!

 I love the googly eyes!!  And Frankenstein glows in the dark!!

 A Nightmare Before Christmas themed set.  My client was on her way to Disneyland for Halloween and needed something fun!

 A black cat, spiders, ghosts, and a glowing moon!

 Mummies and polka dots!

All hand done. 3D bats and spiders and had painted mummies.  The Frankenstein glows in the dark!