Monday, September 26, 2016

Falling In Love With Fall

Fall is finally here!!  Time for changing leaves and cooler temperatures.  I enjoy seeing all the reds, oranges, and yellows and especially the browns!  Here are a few of the fall nails I've done so far.

fall sunflower nails
Here is a glitter gold fade with 3D sculpted acrylic sunflowers.

fall apple nails
My client came back for her two week fill and decided to keep the glitter gold fade but wanted to remove the sunflowers and replace them with cute apples and barrels.  I sculpted the apples and barrels using acrylic.

camo nails
This client was getting ready to go hunting and wanted something camo.  I used a glitter gold, lime green, dark green, yellow, and brown then mixed them in various patterns on her nails.  I added a few pieces of dried leaves and grass to give a little extra dimension.  I had some Browning vinyl decals and added those for a more authentic camo look.

It's Just Beachy!

Even though it's officially the end of summer, I had to do one last set of summer nails!  My wonderful friend Melinda was awesome enough to let me put this crazy set of summer nails on her as a final kickoff to summer!  On a Monday afternoon, I sat down with my sketch pad and a few colored pencils and sketched out this set of nails.  I knew I wanted a cute crab and a beach umbrella and pair of flip flops; the hard part was making my drawing come to life with acrylic.  After the set of nails I did last October for Breast Cancer Awareness, I thought a cute bikini would definitely compliment these nails.  
beach nails
3D acrylic crabs, flip flops, and boobs made these summer nails PERFECT!  I hand painted the sunglasses and a couple swirly suns.

I loved the idea of a cute beach umbrella and beach ball.  The designs are 3D done with acrylic.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Happy (Late) Fourth of July!!

Things got a little crazy this summer and a lot of my nail art didn't get posted like I had hoped it would. Now that it's fall and things have slowed down a little, I'll be able to get some of the wicked summer nail art up on the blog.

Who doesn't love all the red, white, and blue that you see throughout the summer month of July?  From flags, to decorations, to food, to nails it's red, white, and blue everywhere!!  I usually head down to the City Park for the festivities then watch fireworks at night.  This year I ended up with a terrible cold so I didn't end up doing much on the day of the fourth.  However, I was able to crank out some awesome patriotic nails prior!

This set of nails was inspired by a photo from Pinterest.  I used colors from Glitter Haven and a few from my local craft store.

I had an idea for a really cute patriotic set of nails so I decided to sketch them out on paper.  This was my design.  I used colors from Glitter Haven then added plastic stars from the craft store.  I topped the nails with a 3D heart made from glitter acrylic.

This client loves her faded nails!!  For this design I used a few of the rainbow colored acrylics from Young Nails and marbled the tips of the nails.  I then used a silver glitter to fade out the color on to the nail bed.

My client's birthday is the Fourth of July so she ALWAYS gets crazy nails in July.  I wanted to try something different so I sculpted out clear acrylic nails then pressed in netting for a snakeskin look.  I filled the designs with glitter red, silver, and blue.  There are a few iridescent stars inside too!

I LOVE this patriotic set of nails!!  I used colors from Glitter Haven and encapsulated white swirls and iridescent stars.  They were so incredible in person!!


Lately I have really loved the sunflower designs I've been seeing on nails.  I decided to sit down and sketch out a summer/fall sunflower set of nails that I was lucky enough to put on my wonderful sister.  She really likes teal so we incorporated the teal with some black and added 3D sunflowers.  I really loved the way they turned out!!