Saturday, July 20, 2013

Comic Con 2013

My wonderful client was heading off to San Diego for Comic Con and was making a stop near Area 51 on the way!  What better way to celebrate!!

A Little Fun!!

When you forget to blog all your latest designs, they get to be grouped into one big category of FUN!!

Flowers done with Gelish

Gelish polish with painted designs

More Gelish!

3D cherries

Camo and bows

Fourth of July

It's a little late but let's celebrate with some red, white, and blue!!

Life in Neon

 There's just something fun about all these neon colors!

Hot pink, blue, and orange with painted designs

Neon colors with zebra stripes

Neon blue with chunky glitter

Neon flowers

Bright colors with painted lines

Cheetah done in neon pink and yellow

Neon chevron

Hot pink with flowers

Neon blue with polka dots

Hot pink plaid

Neon green plaid

Black with neon flowers

Neon colors with painted gel designs

Neon green with flowers