Monday, April 29, 2013

Glow Baby, GLOW!!

Glow in the dark acrylic is definitely becoming more popular!  How do you not love colors that look this great in the daylight and in the dark?!!!



Here are some nails I did using Gelish gel polish!

A Post Easter Update

It's been a fun and exciting month filled with bring, Springy nail art!  Here are a few designs I did in April!
Neon marble with 3D bows

Teal glitter mix with black stars and striping tape

Neon polka dots

Foil over silver and black glitter with painted lines

A very random assortment of pink and silver

More pink and silver
Minnie Mouse theme

Bright colors with flowers

Hot pink acrylic with dots and 3D bows

Green and black glitter over black acrylic with swirls

Blue fade

It's Baseball season!

Bright blue, pink, and yellow fade with squares and circles

Inspired by a set of tips found in the aisle of WalMart

Teal fade with black and silver squares

More polka dots

Red to yellow fade with 3D tulips

Inspired by a set of nails from Nail Art Club on FB

Neon orange and yellow fade

Candyland!  And yes, those are real pieces of candy in there!

For the love of dogs!

Brightness gone wild!