Monday, October 3, 2016

A Little Early Halloween

Because Halloween is right around the corner, and because I can't wait any longer, I just HAVE to post some of the early Halloween nails I've done so far!!

Halloween witch nails
Totally love this set!!  I used all acrylic for the background then drew the witch's legs with acrylic paint.  Seriously, so cute!!

Halloween nails
Here is a set of Halloween nails I did using a few non-traditional Halloween colors.  The Bride's face is a glow in the dark green acrylic.  I sculpted her cute pink bow and added a hot pink spider sitting in a web.

Halloween nails
 Here is a cute set I did using black acrylic and some glow in the dark acrylic colors.  The eyes and ghosts are 3D!

Halloween spider nails
My client found a set like this on Pinterest and I decided to change it up a little.  I used a purple glitter acrylic and cut her nails to an angle.  I hand painted the spider lines and sculpted a 3D neon green glow in the dark spider.  The ring fingers are even shaped like spider webs!!

Halloween nails
This is another view of the previous set.  I just loved how they turned out!!

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