Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a great Easter!  I was looking forward to celebrating Easter weekend with a little Spring planting.  Instead, I watched snow fall from the inside of the house.  At least things will be green I guess!  I missed Easter posts prior, so here are the cute Easter/Spring nails I've done this year and even a few cute ones from years past.

easter egg nail art
This set of nails was from 2015.  They are glitter acrylic mixes with painted designs to look like Easter Eggs.

Peeps and polka dot Easter nails
This client of mine ALWAYS gets polka dots for Easter.  Last year, I decided to add some Peeps to her nails for a little extra Easter fun!  They turned out so cute!

Spring flower nails
Here's a Spring set of nails from 2015.  They are a glitter mix fade with 3D pastel flowers.  

sheep, rabbits, and Peep Easter nails
Here's another Easter set from 2015.  I sketched these out on paper and was so excited to see them come to life on her nails!!  I sculpted the sheep, rabbits, and Peeps from acrylic and drew on the smaller details. 

Easter bunny nails
This client has the most PERFECT natural nails.  This was a set I did this year using Gelish polish and painting the chevron and bunny,  Too cute!

spring flower nails
This set of nails was inspired by a photo online.  The designs were painted with gel with the flowers were sculpted with acrylic.  Perfect for Spring!

orange and hot pink spring nails
These nails were from 2016 and were done using acrylic from Glam and Glits.  Too bad the middle fingers photographed as the same color as the bright tangerine color.  In person, it was actually a hot pink,  I faded a little glitter from Magnetic for added flair.

teal and black chevron swarovski nail art
This client was starting school to become an esthetician and could only wear her nails until school started.  This was the last set she got to wear before taking them off.  I used a teal color "Obsessive Compulsive" from Glam and Glits. 

Peep nails
And more Peeps!!  These nails were done using the pastel colors from Young Nails.  I sculpted the 3D Peeps using acrylic from Glam and Glits.

Easter nails
This set of nails was from 2015.  I used Gelish over her natural nails then painted the designs.  The ring fingers were done using sharpie.

bunny butt nails
This set of nails was from 2015.  She wanted a green glitter fade and a few bunny butts. Too cute!

Spring duck nails
Another cute Spring set of nails with a few 3D ducks.  

Spring flower nails
Loved these green glitter nails with 3D neon flowers.

pastel nails
These nails were from 2015 and were done using the pastel colors from Young Nails.

Spring flower nails
A super cute Spring set of nails in white and black with painted flowers.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Clovers and Such

St Patricks Day is right around the corner!!  I've only done a few St. Paddy's Day designs this year, but here are a few from years past.
st patricks day beer nails
Here is a set of Beer Nails I did back in 2013.  They are sculpted acrylic gold glitter for the beer and topped with a frosty white for the foam.  I added pieces of fimo lemons and limes.

These nails are a custom mixed lime green glitter with silver discs and pieces of lace.  

st patricks day nails
These are a St. Patrick's Day nail set from 2014.  I sculpted the leprechaun faces with orange acrylic and added a beer finger.  

st patricks day nails
This is from 2016 and is actually gel polish over clear acrylic.  I used Gelish then dusted craft glitter in the dispersion layer.  The shamrocks are hand painted.

st patricks day nails
The green on these nails was a custom mixed glitter.  I'm not even sure where I got it from.  I added a rainbow finger for some added fun.

Here is a nontraditional St. Patrick's Day set of nails.  I used a lime green acrylic then marbled it with white for the ring fingers.  The cheetah spots were hand painted.

This set was from 2015.  I loved the simple colors!