Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!  Christmas is always my favorite time of year with Christmas Eve my most favorite day of the year!  We had a wonderful Christmas and my little guy was so excited to see that Santa brought him a wagon, a bike, and a toy grill (not to mention a ton of additional toys).  While we enjoy the day after Christmas, and maybe take down our tree, let's take a look at the last of the Christmas nails I did this year.

This was a custom green glitter mix over her natural nails.

Grinch nails
I loved the way the Grinch turned out!  We did a green glitter acrylic fade then painted the plaid on the ring fingers using Gelish.  The Grinch was 3D acrylic.

Rudolph nails
This was the same set I did a few weeks ago with the Christmas sweaters. I kept the red then painted a Rudolph on the ring finger using Gelish.

Penguin Christmas nails
This set of nails was inspired by a photo my client brought from Pinterest.  The silver is acrylic and the penguin is 3D acrylic.  The snowflakes are stamps from Bundle Monster.

Elf Christmas nails
I loved this set of elf nails!  I filled the original nail then added the 3D art in acrylic.  I sculpted out mittens, elf shoes, and elf faces.  So cute!

christmas sweater nails
Here is a Christmas sweater set of nails.  The red and green glitter are acrylic mixes and the pattern is a stamp from Bundle Monster.

This is Gelish over her natural nails.  I used Holiday Party Blues then dusted some iridescent MAC Pigment over the top in a sporadic pattern. Very icy!

red and white snowflake nails
I did this set using a red craft glitter acrylic mix and an iridescent MAC Pigment.  I hand painted the snowflakes using a black pen.  

plaid nails
This holiday plaid was done using Gelish over clear acrylic.  They turned out perfect!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Is In The Air

Christmas will be here soon and I'll be sad to see all these cute Christmas nails go.  Until then, let's check out a few more designs.

Christmas nails
This design was inspired by a photo from Pinterest that my client brought in.  The designs are all acrylic except for the snowflake stamp and the white lines which were done using Gelish.  The snowman and ornaments are 3D and done using acrylic.  

Christmas lights and Santa hat nails
I love this simple red/white fade.  I used a red craft glitter mixed with clear acrylic and faded a MAC Pigment over the top.  I sculpted the Santa hat on the ring finger then encapsulated it with clear acrylic.  The Christmas lights are 3D made with colored acrylic from Young Nails.  

winter fade nails
This wintery fade reminded me of the movie Frozen.  The iridescent teal color is a pigment from MAC Cosmetics mixed with clear acrylic.  The darker blue color is from EZ Flow while the silver glitter is a custom mix from silver, teal, and some pieces of mylar.  I encapsulated them in clear which really brought out all the different shades of icy blue.  I painted the trees using craft paint and a very fine detailing brush.

Rudolph gel nails
This was a custom mixed green using a couple shades from Gelish along with some craft glitter.  She has perfect natural nails so we only applied a foundation gel before adding the polish.  The Rudolph was drawn using colors from Young Nails' ManiQ line while the chrome gel is from Crystal Nails.  I even added a Christmas sweater pattern to her pinkie fingers.

Grinch nails
My client LOVES the Grinch so of course she needed some Grinch nails for Christmas.  The darker shade of green is from EZ Flow and I faded it into a neon green mixed then added another chunky iridescent color from EZ Flow to add depth. The plaid on the ring finger was done using Gelish while the 3D Grinch face was made using acrylic.  Too cute!

Rudolph nails
This was the same client who was in two weeks ago and had Christmas sweaters on her ring fingers.  She decided she liked the red glitter so much that she didn't want to change it and instead just wanted to change out the sweater design.  I thought a cute Rudolph would be PERFECT!  I did the face using Young Nails ManiQ in Brown 102 and the antlers in Brown 101.  The red is Hot Rod Red from Gelish and I dusted red craft glitter into the dispersion layer so Rudolph's nose would shine.  Loved them!

Christmas penguin nails
This may be one of my MOST favorite sets I've done this year!  My client found a picture online and wanted something similar.  The chrome is acrylic from Crystal Nails and the white snowflakes are stamps from Bundle Monster.  I panted the candy cane stripes using a white and red from Gelish.  The penguins are 3D sculpted acrylic.  They are too cute!!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Gettin' In The Christmas Spirit

December is here and Christmas is only a few short weeks away!!  My favorite nails of the year are definitely Christmas nails!!  Here are a few I've done so far!

snowman nails
This client of mine has the most perfect natural nails.  This was done using Gelish Sea Foam. I dusted MAC pigment sporadically over the nails then covered with a matte top coat.  I hand painted the snowflakes using Gelish Sleek White.

snowman nails
This set is a custom mixed blue green faded into red glitter.  The snowman is painted over an iridescent pigment from MAC.  

peppermint nails
My client wanted green mints instead of the traditional red ones.  The green pieces are fimo set into white arylic.  The green is a custom mixed glitter capped in clear with painted swirls.

candy cane nails
These are clear acrylic with a Gelish overlay.  I used Hot Rod Red then dusted red craft glitter into the dispersion layer.  The silver ring finger is a silver craft glitter dusted over Gelish Snowflakes & Skyscrapers.  I painted the white lines uisng a striping brush and Sleek White from Gelish.

Christmas light nails
I love, love, LOVE these Christmas lights!!  This is a custom mixed red glitter acrylic with 3D Christmas lights.  I used regular colored acrylic for the lights and drew the wires with a painting brush.  The Christmas tree was a stamp from the new Bundle Monster holiday collection.