Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring Bling

Spring is finally here!  Let's celebrate with some blinged out nail art!

hot pink and lime green nails
Hot pink and lime green acrylic with swarovski crystals.

spring nails
Love this new chunky glitter!!  I did it over a clear sculpted tip.

spring marble nails

spring flower nail art
Spring flowers and swarovski crystals for her trip to Florida.

chunky glitter nails
I love chunky glitters!

foil nails
Hot pink and purple foil over black acrylic.

matte black with glossy glitter nail art
Matte black with glossy glitter

hot pink color change stilettos
Hot pink color change acrylic with chunky dots

spring teal coffin nails
Teal and chunky glitter coffin nails

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