Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Halloween and Fall 2014 and 2015

I didn't realize that I never posted any of my cute Halloween nails from last year so I decided to group them in with this year.  Halloween nail art is one of my most favorite to create!!  I love the fall colors (and sometimes the glow in the dark ones too), the spooky trees, pumpkins, ghosts, and of course the spiders!
halloween nails candy corn

halloween nail art

halloween spiders
This set was inspired by a set of nails from Pinterest.  They are orange neon and glitter acrylic with hand painted fuzzy spiders.

fall tree nail art
Custom mixed orange glitter fade with hand painted trees.  The encapsulated mylar gave them added effect.

fall nails
Clear acrylic with Gelish overlay.  These fall colors went PERFECT together!  The gold leaf on the middle finger was hand painted.

mummy nails
Clear acrylic with Gelish overlay.  The mummies were hand painted using Gelish.

bloody nails
A very bloody Halloween.  These were white and red acrylic with a 3D spider and bat.  The red blood is acrylic paint.

fall nails
Classy black and iridescent fade.  This was perfect for fall!

fall nails
Black and iridescent glitter with holo discs.  Very eerie!

nightmare before christmas nails
Inspired by Jack and Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas set of nails.  All acrylic with hand painted designs.

From fall 2014.  Brown and teal fade with gold leafing.  Perfect for fall.

halloween nails
A very Halloweeny set I did last year in 2014.  All acrylic with 3D spiders and candy corns,  The middle finger was inspired by A Nightmare Before Christmas while the pinkies were black with silver striping tape.  What I loved about the index fingers was the shaping.  I cut filed the nail to be in line with the spider web.  Super cool!!

A simple black and orange for Halloween. 

Brown Gelish over natural nails.  The green on the ring finger is from an actual leaf we picked off a tree in the parking lot.

Cute Halloween polka dots with spiders.

Orange and black Gelish with glitter and spiders.

Orange and brown Gelish over clear acrylic

Sugar skulls with crossbones.

The Punisher!!  Han painted over black and red marble.

Cute Halloween kitties inspired by a photo from Robin Moses.  

Inspired by a photo from Pinterest.  Green and Black acrylic with hand painted green spider webs.  The spiders were done using small beads set in place with gel.  

Custom Halloween nails.  The silver is actual tin foil stuck to the dispersion layer of the gel.  

Disney Halloween nanils.  3D Mickey and Minnie and of course Jack Skellington.

Halloween ghosts and jewels.  Inspired by a photo from Pinterest.

 Black and white Gelish over clear acrylic.

White acrylic with Frankenstein and his Bride.  The green is glow in the dark acrylic.

Sugar Skulls

Red and black for Halloween with white spiders.

Orange glitter dusted over Gelish with a chevron accent.

fall nail art
Super amazing fall nails done using Gelish over clear acrylic.

A very fall fade done using glitter over Gelish

thanksgiving minion nails
Thanksgiving Minions

turkey nails
Turkey nails for Thanksgiving.  The turkey is acrylic with a cute googly eye.

Fall Gelish over clear acrylic.

Fall brown and orange glitter.

fall owl nail art
Fall owls done using Gelish.

This set of nails was done using Gelish over the top of clear acrylic.  I hand painted the chevron stripes using different colors of gelish polish.  

fall nails with real leaves
Fall set of glitter acrylic nails with real pieces of grass and leaves.  They are absolutely perfect for fall.

fall swirl nails with snakeskin
This is an original set done by me using different colors of glitter acrylic.  I swirled the acrylic over the nail bed then capped in clear.  The ring finger is a fade of colors with snakeskin impressions.

fall nail art
This is Gelish polish over clear acrylic.  The middle finger is pressed glitter while the other designs were hand painted with Gelish polish.

fall fade nails
Custom mixed glitter acrylic fade.  She loves her nails long which made this fade turn out SPECTACULAR!  They reminded me of a root beer float!

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