Tuesday, October 20, 2015


2015 has been an exciting year!  We celebrated our Second Anniversary of being at our new salon, Mad About Beauty in Grantsville and welcomed several new staff members!  I've been busy adjusting to life as a new mom and learning to balance work life and home life.  Seeing as 2015 is almost over, I decided I should update my blog with some of the "Best Of" nails of the year.

hot pink and lime nails with flowers
This was a cute Spring set of pink and lime green acrylic nails.  I hand painted the flowers for some added fun.

octopus nails
Acrylic nails with a gel polish overlay using Gelish and dusting MAC pigment into the dispersion layer.  I found the cute octopus stamp at Bundle Monster and then covered with topcoat to seal in the design.

hot pink and black nails
Custom hot pink, black, and silver acrylic nails.

baseball nails
I just love a cute set of baseball nails!!  The red is glitter from Young Nails and the stitches were hand painted.

glitter stiletto nails
My client wanted to try a set of stilettos and totally fell in love with these!  Sculpted using various glitters from Young Nails and pieces of mylar and holographic confetti.  They looked like outerspace nails when we were done.

glitter stiletto nails
Another view of her stilettos.  They looked so much cooler in person!

animal print nail art, zebra giraffe and cheetah
My client wanted a set of animal print nails for her sister's baby shower.  These were on top of  her natural nail using Gelish and MAC pigment.  I used a clear gel for the giraffe pattern and dusted pigment for the zebra stripes.  The cheetah was hand painted using craft paint.

aztec nails
Aztec designs were really popular in 2015.  These were Gelish over acrylic.  I hand painted the pinkie and pointer finger while the others were done with stamps.

Custom acrylic set using silver, black, and lime green.  The extra designs were all hand painted.

mermaid nail art
This was a super cute beachy set I did.  The nails are full acrylic and #notpolish.  I hand sculpted the starfish using acrylic and glued on stones for accents.  There's also a fishnet technique on a few of the fingers.

neon stiletto nails
I loved this set of stilettos!!  I used the old neon collection from Young Nails and imprinted the snakeskin over the top with black acrylic.  I also encapsulated gold leaf over the neon.  They reminded me of dragon tails.

Everyone needs a set of Browning nails!  I used Gelish over acrylic and the Browning symbol was done using vinyl decals.

Hot pink and silver fade with lace stamped on the ring finger.  Very classy!

This set was inspired by a photo my client brought me from Pinterest.  I used blue acrylic and a custom blue glitter.  I hand painted the flowers over white acrylic.

I tried a new technique on this set of pink and gold nails.  They were done in acrylic then painted with gel paint.  I pressed foil into the dispersion layer of the gel for the effect.  Very cool!

This was a very classy set of red and lace nails I did for my client. She liked the stiletto look and wanted something simple.  I used a red gel polish and stamped the lace using a stamping plate.  I glued Swarovski crystals using gel.

Fourth of July nails with classic red, white, and blue

Flowers and glitter.  The flowers were hand painted using Gelish.

Inspired by a photo from Pinterest.  Done using Gelish over clear acrylic nails.

Neon stilettos with hand painted zebra and cheetah.

Teal to orange acrylic fade with black polish.  The design was done using alcohol.

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