Sunday, October 25, 2015

Breast Cancer Awareness Nails

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and over the last few years I've noticed more and more nail techs creating nails for the cause.  In my short nail career I've done a few Breast Cancer Awareness sets myself.  Here are a few.

light pink breast cancer awareness nails
From 2014.  This was a clear acrylic set of nails with Gelish overlay in Pink Smoothie.  I dusted pink glitter on the middle finger and hand painted the ribbons.  The iridescent hexagons on the ring fingers were from a craft store and placed in the dispersion layer of the gel.  Topped in clear.

pink breast cancer awareness nails
From 2014.  Clear acrylic nails with Gelish overlay in Shake It Till You Samba.  I dusted a mix of pink glitters in a fade patter and painted the dots and ribbon.  Topped with clear.

boobie breast cancer awareness nails
From 2015.  A few years ago I saw a set of nails with "bobbies" and thought they were the funniest things I'd ever seen.  I knew I needed to do a set of my own one day.  Luckily I had a great client/friend willing to wear a set of 3D boobies!  These were done in full acrylic with hand painted lines and dots.  The boobs were sculpted with pink and topped with a hot pink acrylic to form a dress.  So cute!

boobie nails
Here's another view of the "boobie" nails. The thumbs were done in white acrylic with hand painted roses in gel.  

breast cancer awareness nails with cheetah pring
From 2015.  This was a short set of clear acrylic nails with a Gelish overlay.  I dusted glitter into the dispersion layer of the three fingers and hand painted the cheetah stripes and ribbon on the others.  Loved them!

save the boobie nails
From 2015.  This set was copied from a photo my client brought in.  She saw them on Pinterest and wanted me to copy them.  I changed them up a little and they turned out adorable!!  All acrylic nails with hand painted mummies, spiders, and ghost.  

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