Monday, March 7, 2016

Clovers and Such

St Patricks Day is right around the corner!!  I've only done a few St. Paddy's Day designs this year, but here are a few from years past.
st patricks day beer nails
Here is a set of Beer Nails I did back in 2013.  They are sculpted acrylic gold glitter for the beer and topped with a frosty white for the foam.  I added pieces of fimo lemons and limes.

These nails are a custom mixed lime green glitter with silver discs and pieces of lace.  

st patricks day nails
These are a St. Patrick's Day nail set from 2014.  I sculpted the leprechaun faces with orange acrylic and added a beer finger.  

st patricks day nails
This is from 2016 and is actually gel polish over clear acrylic.  I used Gelish then dusted craft glitter in the dispersion layer.  The shamrocks are hand painted.

st patricks day nails
The green on these nails was a custom mixed glitter.  I'm not even sure where I got it from.  I added a rainbow finger for some added fun.

Here is a nontraditional St. Patrick's Day set of nails.  I used a lime green acrylic then marbled it with white for the ring fingers.  The cheetah spots were hand painted.

This set was from 2015.  I loved the simple colors!

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