Monday, February 29, 2016


Valentine's Day.  It's always been about pink, love, and of course, hearts.  I've never really been a huge fan of the holiday.  I guess because there's always expectations of presents, flowers, chocolates, and diamonds.  Two years ago, when we welcomed our precious little boy into the world, I now have an even better reason to celebrate Valentine's Day!  Even still, I enjoy creating nail art with hearts to promote the season.  Here are the last of my Valentine nails from 2016.

Another set of nails using color change acrylic from Glam and Glits.  I sculpted the 3D hearts and lips.

red and black valentine nails
Color change acrylic from Glam and Glits in Altered State.  I stamped the design using a stamp from Bundle Monster and sculpted the hearts and flowers using acrylic.

color change acrylic
More color change acrylic from Glam and Glits.  I marbled the colors to get as many different shades as I could.  The darker colors are the acrylics when cold and the bright colors are when they are warm.

Hot pink to purple color change acrylic with chunky glitter accents.  Too cool!

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