Sunday, March 11, 2012

More Bright Colors!!

My client loves the gel polishes and sometimes gets tired of the same old plain colors. This time we pressed in green, yellow, and orange glitter for a little added fun. You should see these sparkle in the sun!

What a perfect set of nails for Spring!! Pink and purple marble with flowers and dragonflies. I hand painted a few dots for some additional color.

Now this is a bold and fun set of nails! My client really likes teal and zebra stripes and my idea was to add a little pink for contrast. Loved the way these turned out!!! Top it off with a few Swarovski crystals to finish the set.

A new trend is the full glitter fade. Bringing the glitter all the way to the cuticle adds more of a canvas for additional art! I encased clear holographic dots and added more Swarovaski for even more sparkle!

I totally love this set and so did my client!! She was headed off to sunny St. George and needed something to brighten the trip. We faded teal into yellow glitter and encased clear holographic discs. The discs pick up tons of additional color which, unfortunately, can't be captured in the photo.

The purple on the tip was custom made for my client by mixing 5 different shades of purple glitter. We faded it into a salmon color and topped it off with pink holographic discs. Totally love!

Here's a set with black glitter and encased pieces of seashell. The shells are a pearlized pink and contrast well with the dark black.

My client was headed off to prom and wanted her nails to match her dark gray dress. I split the nail into sections and did one side a light gray and the other a darker shade. The middle finger was done in a solid shade of metallic silver glitter. All the nails have encased mirrors with the ring fingers sporting Swarovski crystals.

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