Sunday, March 4, 2012

Is it too early for Spring??

We're starting 2012 off with some bright colors and new designs! Here are a few of my faves from the start of the new year!

Nothing beats red and black! I was feeling creative and wanted a new spin on red and black. I mixed some of my Young Nails glitters along with some high quality colors from Glitz Glitter and here was my creation!

When you're feeling Spring you just need to see some flowers, so that's exactly what I did! I found some dried flowers online and decided to encase them atop of the glitter. Fantastic!

Polka dots have EaSiLy become my most favorite design! This design was created with a rainbow glitter in blue, yellow, violet, dark purple, orange, green, and a light blue surrouned in a pastel blue. The reminded me of Easter Eggs!

Hooray for polka dots! Another set done with neon colors against a black background. Don't we just love it?!!

Nothing beats teal, black, and silver. A client found a photo online and fell in love with the design and hoped I could recreat it. I manipulated the original design to create something new but stuck with the original colors. I think I might like my interpretation better! ;)

I had a new client come in who wanted something fun and bright! How awesome! I made a custom glitter mix with several shades of teal and faded them onto the nailbed. For added bling, I encased blue mylar and here was the finished product. Love!

Over the rainbow, baby!! When your client likes four different shades, why not fade them all?? I call this the full fade with the color faded all the way to the cuticle. Super cool!

I just love the Hawaiin flowers! The idea was a teal, green, yellow fade with pink glitter...but why stop there?! Adding the flowers made this set of nails POP!!

Oh St. Patrick!! Here's a green fade with three different shades of green. I added metallic discs and hand sculpted gold coins to finish off the design. The ring finger was a full fade with all the colors of the rainbow. Off to discover that pot of gold!

And who needs a traditional smile line?? Love it!

And the full set. Not sure which nail is my fave...which do you like???

This was a St. Patrick's set done with two colors from the Young Nails Block Party Collection. Love the contrasting green colors and the rainbow!

When you want something simple and green. Here is another set using the Block Party Collection. Funny how using one color vs. two colors changes the whole look.

When your client wants green and gold and the colors you have just don't make the cut, mix a new one!! The gold on the ring fingers was a custom mix using different shades of gold and yellow glitter. Add some upsidedown hearts and you get shamrocks! Viola!!

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