Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some New Stuff

Here are some nails I did recently for New Years and also a few that didn't get posted throughout last year!
Enjoy and here's to 2013!!

Hot pink acrylic from Magnetic Nail Design and black MAC pigment.  I hand drew zebra stripes and added Swarovski crystals on the ring fingers.

Custom mixed teal gel with gold swirls.

Red glitter fade with painted Santa belt

Blue acrylic from Magnetic Nail Design with gel mixed with MAC pigment for the swirls.

Winter polka dots

White and silver glitter

Red glitter acrylic mix with hand painted zebra stripes

Neon polka dots

Neon pink and blue with painted lines and 3D flowers

baseball nails
Purple and black glitter acrylic with 3D baseballs

Mickey Mouse nails
Mickey Mouse!!  3D Mickey gloves and Mickey Mouse ear balloons!

summer picnic nails
Summer picnic theme nails with 3D four wheelers, picnic ants, and popcicles.

baby girl nails
It's a girl!!  Baby shower nails I did for my client.  3D acrylic ducks, baby rattles, and baby footprints.

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