Saturday, November 24, 2012

Something from November

It's been a busy month but here are a few photos to show what I've been up to.

 This was done using a mix of Young Nails ManiQ clear and MAC Pigment.  I mixed a yellow pigment with some clear gel and polished the nails.  I then pressed in gold glitter and covered in topcoat then cured in the LED light.  Polish the nails with a dark brown coat and randomly drop dots of clear gel into the brown and cure.  Very cool!!

 Brown glitter fade with brown hexagons.

hot pink zebra nails
 Hot pink base created with MAC Pigment.  I faded a silver glitter over top and encased holographic discs.  The zebra stripes were hand painted at the end.

 I created this look using a custom mix of red and gold glitter then faded a gold from Magnetic over the top.

 The first set of Christmas nails so far!!!  I marbled a white base with alternating red and green glitters.

 Here's a custom mixed lime green glitter with a different shade of green from Magnetic splattered throughout.  I encased green seashells for added effect.

 Here's another custom mix of glitters.  This mix had dark brown glitter, brown slivers, light gold glitter, and a clear iridescent glitter.  We added a purple ribbon on the ring fingers to support Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month in November.

 This was a black and silver glitter mix with a green glitter pattern.  I think the green glitter came from a local craft store.

 Happy Thanksgiving!!  These turkeys were all done using MAC Pigment!!

Movember!!  Green and yellow glitter fade with mustache tattoos!!

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