Friday, May 16, 2014

Valentine Nails

Everyone loves Valentine Nails!!  Maybe it's the pinks and reds.  Or maybe all the cute hearts and kisses.  Either way, Valentine Nails have always been one of my favorite holiday nails to create.  Here are some of the best Valentine sets from 2014.

Here is a cute set inspired by a photo from Pinterest. My client though they were so cute she had me recreate them.  The white iridescent acrylic is a mix of MAC pigment and clear.

Red glitter acrylic mix with 3D hearts and lips.  So cute!

This set was Gelish over acrylic.  Super cute!

A simple white acrylic nail with hand painted pink and black zebra stripes.

Red and pink acrylic glitter mix with 3D hearts and zebra stripes.

Custom pink and black acrylic mix with painted hearts and stick figures.  

A simple pink acrylic with stamped designs.

I just LOVE conversation hearts!!  This was a pink fade with 3D hearts.  I hand wrote the words inside each heart.

Black to hot pink fade with hand painted zebra stripes.

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